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Crazy about ‘Nazie!’

11nazieBOTSW-Hushpuppy-400Quvenzhané "Nazie" Wallis opens up in this interview that foreshadowed her Oscar nomination on Thursday.

Nazie was born on August 28, 2003, in Houma, Louisiana where she attends Honduras Elementary School. She is the daughter of Venjie and Qulyndreia Wallis, and sister to Qunyquekya, Vejon and Venjie Jr.


Oscar buzz: Quvenzhane comes up big

quvenzhane-wallis-400(CNN) Rising child star Quvenzhane Wallis found herself nominated to win an Oscar for best actress when the 85th Academy Awards were announced Thursday morning.

Wallis has wowed audiences with her stellar performance in "Beasts of the Southern Wild." The other best-actress nominees are Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty"), Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings Playbook"), Naomi Watts ("The Impossible") and Emmanuelle Riva ("Amour").


Flo Roach & Deltas shine in Hollywood

9dstfloroach-600Florence "Flo" Roach – surrounded by numerous celebrities and dignitaries – took center stage on New Year's Day, receiving the "Shining Star Award" from her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Well-known for her stellar work in the arts and education, Roach was invited to Los Angeles for the presentation, which was made during the Deltas' Hollywood Gala, a kick-off celebration of the sorority's 100th anniversary. The glitzy black-tie affair was held at Club Nokia – LA Live.


Memphis’ future is ‘All Over Town’

9NyahNileintrophoto-4-600I am Nyah Nile and I am "All Over Town." In 2013, I am going to give the readers of The New Tri-State Defender everything I live in Memphis.

I am going to try new things, push out of my comfort zone and maybe even make you a little uncomfortable. I am going to let you see Memphis through my lens and filter. I'll share myriad things that move and interest me and ignite the creative fire.


‘Voice of King’ returns to Memphis

9kingplay2-600Not much of the inner city ever makes it all the way to Collierville. The tranquil, serene settings of the Memphis suburb belie the drama and shortcomings of its urban neighbor.

The two worlds join in theatrical harmony on January 15th at the Harrell Theater when Rabia Louis Haynes brings his one-man play, "If Martin Luther King, Jr. Were Alive Today," back to Collierville for the second year.


Madea: Strong black woman?

Yes, you read the headline right. And you will be reading right when you see that the man making the assertion that Tyler Perry's renowned Madea character is a strong black woman is none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam.

Yes, he did. Many might expect Minister Farrakhan to denounce the character that has been referred to by so many people as "ghetto" and "buffoonish." Minister Farrakhan, however, makes an interesting point when he says that he doesn't see the Madea character as a man dressed in women's clothing.


Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 01/08/2013

GSmovie-600For movies opening January 11, 2013


"Gangster Squad" (R for profanity and graphic violence) Mob saga, set in the '40s, revolving around the efforts of a half-dozen detectives to prevent the Mafia from gaining a foothold in Los Angeles. Ensemble cast includes Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Anthony Mackie and Giovanni Ribisi.


Top Ten DVD list for Jan. 8, 2013


"Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden"

"American Masters: Inventing David Geffen"




A case for Nas, hip-hop’s finest MC

S007017698-600Let's begin with a disclaimer: Nas doesn't endorse the following sentence.

But he's the greatest lyricist of all time.

Those words were carefully chosen: "lyricist" over "rapper" or "hip-hop artist;" "greatest" instead of "most successful;" "all time" rather than "today."


Trey Songz: The ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ interview

texaschainsaw3d-03-600Trey Songz – undeniably one of music's hottest R&B artists today – talks about his latest film, "Texas Chainsaw 3D," where he co-stars as Ryan opposite Alexandra Daddario.

Kam Williams: Hi Trey, thanks for the interview.

Trey Songz: Hey, Kam, what's up?

KW: What interested you in "Texas Chainsaw 3D?"


A timely, fitness primer strictly for sisters!

"Let's face it, ladies, as black women we have issues when it comes to food and exercise... If you're like me, you sometimes reminisce about the good ole days... when you could eat whatever you wanted [and] you didn't have to exercise.

So what happened? Was it age? Your love of fast food? Heredity? Soul food is typically high in fat, sodium and sugar... We've let our hairstyles determine the size of our waistlines, and it's killing us! Pride in your appearance shouldn't stop at the neck.


The trombone that landed on Bruno Mars

FreshFruitAsaesnCCAAE0j-600Mars – the fourth planet from the Sun – is the second smallest planet in the Solar System. Fictional Martians have been a recurring feature of popular entertainment over the last two centuries. Still the question remains: "Does life exists on Mars."

While astronomers debate and differ, Kameron Timothy Whalum keeps demonstrating to us that the answer is a resounding, "Yes! There is life on Mars." Bruno that is, as in singer-songwriter and record producer.


Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 01/02/2013

For movies opening Jan. 4, 2013


"Texas Chainsaw 3-D" (R for grisly violence and pervasive profanity) 7th installment of the enduring horror franchise finds an unsuspecting heiress (Alexandra Daddario) travelling to a tiny Texas town to take possession of the mansion she has just inherited only to discover a bloodthirsty madman (Dan Yeager) lurking in the shadows. With Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde and Scott Eastwood (Clint's son).