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Temptations singer Richard Street dies at 70

Richard Street and the TemptationsFormer Temptations member Richard Street has died, his widow told CNN Entertainment on Wednesday.

The 70-year-old soul and R&B singer died early Wednesday at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas, Cindy Street said.

Richard Street experienced back pain and breathing difficulties last Friday (Feb. 22). When he went to a hospital, doctors found he had a clot in a lung, she said.


Michelle Rhee books her ‘Radical’ view

1MichelleRheeBookCover-400"Why am I a radical? Because in order to live up to our promise as a nation, we cannot rest until we provide a quality education for all our children. If America is truly going to be the land of equal opportunity, we have to provide that opportunity to every single child, regardless of where they live, what color they are, and what their parents do...

"Right now, our public school system isn't working for every child. It isn't working for our economy. And it isn't working for our democracy. As a result... cycles of poverty repeat and... a generation of children... too often children of color... is being denied its civil rights to a high-quality education."

– Excerpted from Chapter Twelve (pgs. 268-269)


Quvenzhané sparks puppy purse mania

Quvenzhane Wallis carries a puppy purse on the red carpetNEW YORK – The only thing that outshone nine-year-old best actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis at the Oscars was the puppy purse she carried on the red carpet.

Just ask Poochie & Co., which makes the purse the young star sported on the red carpet.

"The interest after the award show has been unbelievable," said Leslie Palmer, division president at Cudlie Accessories, which owns Poochie & Co. "We've seen sales shoot up 25 percent to 30 percent since she started wearing them."


Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 02/28/2013

For movies opening March 1, 2013


"21 and Over" (R for drug use, alcohol abuse, graphic sexuality, frontal nudity, coarse humor and pervasive profanity) Raunchy teensploit revolving around a straight-A college student (Justin Chon) taken out by his best friends (Skylar Astin and Miles Teller) for a wild night of debauchery and overindulgence on the eve of an important med school interview. Cast includes Sarah Wright, Jonathan Keltz and Francois Chau.


Why the Onion’s crappy apology is worthless

Quvenzhane Wallis-1-600When I watched Quvenzhané Wallis telling the story of a little girl called Hushpuppy and her adventures living in a poor Bayou area in "Beasts of the Southern Wild," I was enchanted by how well she articulated her life and the world around her. I had so much hope that she might be the youngest person ever to take home a golden statuette and wanted to believe that everyone else on the planet shared my sentiment.

The best actress trophy went to Jennifer Lawrence for "Silver Linings Playbook," and the pervasive thinking for Quvenzhané was probably something like, "It's OK, Princess, you were still wonderful." But that wasn't the case in the offices of the Onion, the Chicago-based satirical news website. Someone, possibly a social media editor, as yet unnamed, decided to place this on Twitter:


Film review: ‘War Witch’

WarWitch-1-600Komona's (Rachel Mwanza) life was irreversibly altered at the tender age of 12 when rebel forces led by the Great Tiger (Mizinga Mwinga) rampaged through her tiny African village. The unfortunate girl was forced at gunpoint to kill her own parents (Starlette Mathata and Alex Herabo) before being abducted and brainwashed into joining the cause.

Deep in the jungle, she was befriended by other kids orphaned by the conflict before being trained to use a weapon against government soldiers. However, more valuable than marksmanship, Komona developed an uncanny knack for sensing enemy positions, a skill which proved handy during encounters with deadly snipers and machine gun nests.


Late to ‘Scandal’ & hooked already

Myron-Mays-160I'm willing to bet that I know what the majority of you will be doing on this Thursday night. It's probably the same thing I will be doing now. Watching "Scandal" on ABC, right?

For the life of me, I don't know how I have managed to go all this time without watching this show. I mean, it feels like I have been keeping up with the show already just be being on Facebook each Thursday. You can actually get a full play-by-play update as the show is going...but only during commercial breaks.


Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana are married

JanetJ-600Janet Jackson's a pro at keeping a secret.

According to a rep, the 46-year-old entertainer is married to Wissam Al Mana, and she has been for a while.

As "Entertainment Tonight" reports, their wedding happened months ago.

"Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony," the married pair said to "ET" in a statement regarding speculation that they were planning an "extravagant wedding."


Where Did Our Love Go?

where-did-our-love-go-400"SBF. Single Black Female. Walk through any major city in the U.S. on a Friday or Saturday night and you will find her. She'll either be alone or with her girlfriends, but almost never, EVER with a mate...

The how and why of relationship status among African-Americans is a touchy subject... The black marriage gap has become such an open secret that it is now a source of endless bad jokes and fodder for prime-time reality shows such as "Basketball Wives" and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

So, what's going on? "Where Did Our Love Go?" explores the substantial issues surrounding relationships and marital status in the African-American community, from the Baby Mama Syndrome to the more serious implications of what single-parent households will mean for future generations."


Cleotha Staples of the Staples Singers dies

staples-singers-600Cleotha Staples of the soul group the Staples Singers passed away on Thursday at her home in Chicago, reports Billboard. She was 78.

Staple was the eldest sister and member of the group her father Roebuck "Pops" Staples started in the 1940s. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past decade, said family friend and music publicist Bill Carpenter.

The group included sisters Pervis, Yvonne, Mavis and Cynthia, but Cleotha was the backbone, defining herself by being the "strong, silent type," said Carpenter, author of "Uncloudy Day: The Gospel Music Encyclopedia."


Jet’s aged Fantasia cover: A bad choice?

fantasia-controversy-575Relying on public relations photos for your cover shots can be messy, as Jet magazine is finding out.

Jet editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller on Friday issued a defense of the magazine's use of a 10-year-old photo of cover subject Fantasia.

"JET magazine is honored to have Fantasia grace the cover of its March issue," her statement began. "It is unfortunate that Fantasia is displeased with the cover selection, however JET stands by its decision," Miller wrote.


Oscar’s biggest surprise goes to Michelle Obama

Oscars-MrsObama-2-600When actor Jack Nicholson stepped on the Oscar stage Sunday night to announce the nominees for best picture, few expected him to toss to a co-presenter.

"Tonight, it is my great pleasure to introduce live from the White House, the first lady of the United States: Michelle Obama," he said.

Suddenly, the first lady could be seen standing on screen, appearing from the nation's capital in a glamorous silver and black gown. Standing in the background of her cameo, which came about seven minutes before midnight on Eastern Standard Time, was a group of military aides in formal attire.


'Argo' all the way

By Todd Leopold, CNN
updated 12:09 AM EST, Mon February 25, 2013
Oscar host Seth MacFarlane opens the show with a few jokes: "The quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins now" and "It's an honor that everyone else said no (to hosting). From Whoopi Goldberg to Ron Jeremy." Oscar host Seth MacFarlane opens the show with a few jokes: "The quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins now" and "It's an honor that everyone else said no (to hosting). From Whoopi Goldberg to Ron Jeremy."
  • NEW: "Argo" wins best picture
  • NEW: Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis win best acting honors
  • Ang Lee wins best director for "Life of Pi"
  • Adele's "Skyfall" wins best song; first James Bond theme to do so

(CNN) -- "Argo," which was an Oscar also-ran before it caught fire and won practically every guild and organization award available, took home the big prize at the 85th Academy Awards Sunday night: best picture.