Guess the Celebrity Spouse

Their spouses are uber famous but they prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Think you know everything about your favorite celebrity? See if you can spot their lesser-known better-halves.

Who's My Famous Spouse?

This basketball player's leading lady is a veteran of the big screen, having starred in classics like Love Jones and The Best Man.


My Famous Spouse

San Antonio Spurs Assistant coach Ime Udoka is in a relationship with Nia Long. Their son Kez Sunday was born in 2011.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This music executive's fiancee is a chart-topping former child star who has an 11-year-old daughter named Sy'rai.


My Famous Spouse

Ryan Press is engaged to Brandy.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This billionaire businessman recently tied the knot with a singer whose family is considered music royalty.


My Famous Spouse

Qatari business man Wissam al Mana is married to Janet Jackson.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This musician is married to a former child star who recently starred in a Tyler Perry film about an unfaithful wife.


My Famous Spouse

Joshua Bell is married to actress Jurnee Smollett, the star of Tyler Perry's Temptation.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This jewelery designer's husband is considered a hip hop legend. He recently hosted the Grammy Awards.


My Famous Spouse

Simone Smith is married to LL Cool J.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This actor's actress wife had everyone talkng when she wore her natural hair to the 2012 Academy Awards where she was up for Best Actress.


My Famous Spouse

Julius Tennon is married to Viola Davis.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This Ohio native's fiance is an NBA champ who is being compared to Michael Jordan.


My Famous Spouse

Savannah Brinson is engaged to LeBron James.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This director's wife is a British actress who is half Zimbabwean.


My Famous Spouse

Ol Parker is married to Thandie Newton.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This actress's husband is a stand-up comedian-turned-actor whose credits include How to Be a Player and Love Jones.


My Famous Spouse

Kristen Baker is married to Bill Bellamy.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This actor's wife is a former child actress who starred in one of America's most beloved sitcoms about a Black family.


My Famous Spouse

Games of Thrones star Jason Momoa is married to former Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This NFL player's wife is a retired professional boxer.


My Famous Spouse

Curtis Conway is married to Laila Ali.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This TV writer's wife is one of two Black co-hosts of a successful daytime talk show.


My Famous Spouse

Lamar Sally is married to Sherri Shepherd.


Who's My Famous Spouse?

This writer's wife is an acclaimed actress who was recently honored at ESSENCE's Black Women in Hollywood event. Her credits include Crooklyn andSteel Magnolias.


My Famous Spouse

Roderick Spencer is married to Alfre Woodard.

This week’s DVD releases -August 13, 2013

Trevor Noah-AA-300Top Ten DVD List for August 13, 2013

"Girls: The Complete Second Season"


"Olympus Has Fallen"

"The Mindy Project: Season One"

"The Muppet Movie: The Nearly 35th Anniversary Edition"


Mo’ Kelly Did Not Expose Crystal Wright Or the GOP Because we Already Knew


There are some days when I just love #BLACKTWITTER. Only via this creative hodgepodge of bloggers, reporters and internet Benita Butrells can you find out who Whiz Kalifah is dating, what the Obama’s had for dinner and which political celebrities just got called out. In this case it’s the third category that caught my attention, as Mo’Kelly, author of the omnipresent Mo’Kelly Report wrote an article ‘exposing’ Crystal Wright aka an occasional political commentator for Fox, CNN and HLN who’s statements during the Zimmerman trial have earned her plenty of side eye from the African American community. Kelly proves that Wright is not a true card carrying Republican but only plays the Black Ann Coulter on television to cash in on the lucrative business of GOP Tokenism in the Tea Party age. And while his take down and subsequent online battles haven’t always been pretty; this whole affair does say a lot about the state of public discourse on black politics in the internet age.

In the interest of full disclosure I have met Crystal Wright in person exactly one time, and have been on radio or television with her a total of four times. In most of those interactions she’s been perfectly nice even if we disagree and I find some of her rhetoric to be unnecessarily inflammatory. Wright raised her profile in the last few months during the Zimmerman Trial with a few particularly explosive appearances on HLN’s Dr. Drew and for provocative tweets on everything from the number of black lawyers analyzing the trial on the cable networks to Sybrina Fulton’s fitness as a mother. People got angry, she got a ton of nasty tweets and new followers and that’s likely what brought her to the attention of Kelly.

The Mo’Kelly report entitled Nouveau Black Republicans (Like Crystal Wright) Ruining RNC Minority Outreach outlines that despite Crystal Wright’s present day fire-brand Tea Party rhetoric for years she gave money to Democratic candidates, and voted for Barack Obama in 2008.  Ultimately he states that Crystal isn’t really a conservative at all, but a political opportunist who knew the fastest route to fame and notoriety was to be a conservative token in the post Tea-Party era. Kelly goes on to point out that it’s Republicans like Wright that keep the GOP from attracting and recruiting African Americans. Crystal angrily defended herself on Twitter, the whole thing went viral pretty quickly and provided hours of entertainment for those who could keep up with the hashtags.

Kudos to Mo’Kelly for doing some legitimate research, all too often disagreements with African American GOP’ers degenerate into slinging insults and calling each other racist names. But this wasn’t really an exposure along the lines of Armstrong Williams back in 2005. Armstrong was a long time conservative, from TV and radio and he got busted when USA Today wrote a story revealing that Williams was taking money from the Bush Administration to promote No Child Left Behind in his syndicated column. Like him or not Armstrong Williams was a credible conservative, who probably would’ve supported NCLB anyway, but finding out that he was taking checks from Bush while promoting himself as an independent conservative thinker destroyed his brand. Crystal is no Armstrong Williams. Her brand is to be a political shock-jock, not a credible discerning political thought leader. Finding out that Crystal Wright might be an ideological fraud is like finding out that A-Rod is on steroids. You’re kinda taken aback that it’s finally OUT there, but your sortof suspected all along.

There are plenty of hardcore conservative African American Republicans out there like Ron Christie, Robert Traynum, Juan Williams or even Lenny McAllister who promote the party without playing the Black Ann Coulter role that Crystal often does. The behavior of political pundits like Crystal Wright or Jesse Lee Peterson would be a charade if anyone ever thought their intention was to expand the base of the Republican Party or really advocate a specific set of policies. However, think tanks and PACS aside, their rhetoric suggests that has never been high on their agenda. Which isn’t in and of itself wrong, but simply reinforces the idea that you can’t expose somebody who’s game has been on front street since day one to anyone willing to walk by and take a look.

This story will be buried under a mountain of new Twitter news by next week, and no one’s opinion of Wright or Kelly will be fundamentally changed by these revelations. However, what was made clear was this: In this age of and easily traced money and email paths, it pays (literally) to stay ideologically honest and consistent in the public sphere. What little credibility you can build can be ripped up in no time if #BLACKTWITTER catches you sleeping.

Happy 50th Birthday Whitney: 8 of her best style moments


Whitney Houston’s diva status has been certified for over 25 years and will live on through her legacy. She has birthed some of the best (and worst) trends in the 80′s and 90′s offering inspiration to modern-day divas like Beyonce and Rihanna. To honor Whitney’s 50th birthday, and her love of colored sequins, big furs, and fancy shawls click-through the late diva’s marvelous looks of the past decade.


Whitney Houston Performs On ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”


Whitney Houston Performs At The 02 Dublin


Whitney Houston Performs At Acer Arena In Sydney


Whitney Houston accepts an award at the 3rd annual BET Honors at the Warner Theatre


Whitney Houston at the 2009 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live


Whitney Houston performs on stage at Olympisky Sports Complex


Whitney Houston Performs On ABC’s “Good Morning America”


Whitney Houston At The 2nd Annual BET Honors

Beyoncé’s hair might not change the world

Beyonce-Pixie-Cut-400The only thing that might have possibly caused more black hair buzz than this would have been if Oprah decided to go all the way natural and appear on her magazine cover post "big chop."

You've certainly heard by now: Beyoncé has ditched her weave for either a brand-new pixie cut or a realistic-looking short weave. (Set aside tens of thousands of words' worth of space on the Internet for a debate about which one it is.)

From Newsday:

Beyoncé, aka Sasha Fierce, shocked fans early Thursday when she posted a series of photos to her Instagram account debuting a short, blond pixie cut. Her dark brown roots still visible, Queen Bey poses in front of a mirror, apparently loving her new look.


Memphis author pens national bestselling crime thriller

world-in-reverse-400tAuthor Latrivia S. Nelson has firm roots in Memphis as a graduate of The LeMoyne-Owen College and as a marketing and public relations professional with over 14 years of experience with some of the cities most recognized organizations. She leans on that background to write her steamy love stories and incorporate all things Blues City in her books.

"Memphis is so rich with culture until if I never wrote about another locale in the world, I'd still have plenty of subject matter," said Nelson. "Each day, I find something or someone new to write about. It never gets old or boring. All you have to do is step outside of your door and you're bombarded with notable personalities."

Her latest novel, "The World in Reverse," has topped several Amazon best sellers lists, including #1 for African American Mystery and #1 for organized crime. And it's all about Memphis politics, police and crime.


The Best Style Moments Of The Week

Mariah Carey attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York premiere, hosted by TWC, DeLeon Tequila and Samsung Galaxy


Tika Sumpter attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Anna Wintour attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Model Yaya DaCosta attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


V Personality Alicia Quarles attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Singer Fantasia attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Keisha Nash Whitaker and actor Forest Whitaker attend Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Oprah Winfrey leaves the “Good Morning America” taping at the ABC Times Square Studios


Rita Ora Spotted in New York


Keshia Knight Pulliam attends Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” New York Premiere at Ziegfeld Theater


Kerry Washington arrives at the 2013 Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour


Sara Ramirez arrives at the 2013 Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour

‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

TheButler-600Lee Daniels – best known for directing and producing the Academy Award-lauded film "Precious" – talks about his new picture, "The Butler," a civil rights epic recounting the real-life story of an African American who served in the White House at the pleasure of eight presidents, from 1952 to 1986.

Kam Williams: Hey Lee, what a phenomenal film!

Lee Daniels: Did you like it?

KW: I loved it!

LD: Thanks, Kam.


Jazz maestro George Duke, dead at 67

GDuke1Jazz, funk and soul keyboard maestro George Duke has passed away at age 67. According to USA Today, which attributed Duke's record label, Concord Music Group, Duke reportedly battled chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Duke, whose celebrated career spanned nearly five decades and intersected with countless crème de la crème artists, died Monday, according to the Radio Facts website.

The death of the keyboard virtuoso comes just over a year after the death of his wife Corine. He had just launched his latest album, "Dreamweaver," which he'd dedicated to his wife's memory.


Kelly Rowland Named the New face of Jaguar


It looks like the struggles in which Kelly Rowland sings about in ballad/ musical confessional “Dirty Laundry” are long gone. The music video for the personal song debuted on Monday, July 22nd and Kelly is seen crying through much of the video as she confesses to being jealous of “sister” Beyoncé’s success and abuse from a former boyfriend. However, the rough patch seems to be over and everything is coming up roses for Rowland.

Kelly has just landed an exciting new gig as the new brand ambassador of luxury car company, Jaguar. The singer was spotted in Miami on the set of a commercial for the British car company. In addition to being the face of Jaguar, Kelly is also keeping busy promoting her “Talk a Good Game” album and hosting the newest “X Factor” show.

 (Special to the NNPA from The Houston Forward-Times)

This week’s DVD releases -August 6, 2013

BruceLee-DVDcollection-600Top Ten DVD List for Aug. 6, 2013

"Bruce Lee: The Legacy Collection"

"Midsomer Murders: Set 22"

"The World before Her"

"Storm Surfers 3D"

"Duch: Masters of the Forges of Hell"


Social media howls over 12-year-old's errant 't' on Jeopardy

(CNN) -- I'll take saddest Jeopardy misspelling ever for $3,000, Alex.

Social media is still howling after last week's perceived slight of eighth-grader Thomas Hurley III and his misspelling of "Emancipation" during Kids Week on "Jeopardy!"

Thomas knew the answer to the Final Jeopardy question: Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, "a fit and necessary war measure."

But the 12-year-old Connecticut boy added an extra "t" to his answer: emanciptation proclamation.

Host Alex Trebek said Thomas "misspelled it badly."

"That's unfortunate," he said. "The judges are ruling against you."

Thomas, who was in second place with $9,600 in winnings, had wagered $3,000 on the answer. He hung his head.

"The thing that bothered me most was the way Alex Trebek and the producers treated my son. They were kind of smug," his father, Thomas Hurley II, told CNN on Sunday night. "It's a kids' tournament! Everyone knew what he meant."

The show was recorded in February, but aired Wednesday.

Hurley said his son "was barely holding it together, he was almost in tears. He had to relive it on Wednesday."

Jeopardy producers stood by their decision.

"If Jeopardy! were to give credit for an incorrect response (however minor), the show would effectively penalize the other players. We love presenting young people as contestants on our show, and make every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment."

Right or wrong, the younger Hurley still would not have won.

He ran into a buzz saw of a competitor in Skyler Hornback, who set the all-time record for kids with $66,600. Skyler's haul was also the third-largest one-day total in the game's history.

For placing second, Thomas took home $2,000.

The Internet was not amused.

"I used to love Jeopardy, but how Alex treated that kid and embarrassed him was uncalled for," Luke Tran said in a post on the Jeopardy! Facebook page. "He called him out on his spelling saying it was badly misspelled when it wasn't that badly misspelled it was just misspelled slightly."

Some questioned the point of the game show.

"Jeopardy is not a spelling bee game and frankly before Alex Trebek or the judges penalize this boy for not spelling a word correctly then Alex trebek needs too explain too the contestants that spelling matters in the final around," Ash Cruz Rios-James also said on Facebook.

A healthy back-and-forth ensued with those who found the show made the right call.

"Bravo Jeopardy!" said David Sneen on Twitter. "If you were to give credit for a misspelled close would the spelling need to be?"

Facebook user Jan Manire put it in perspective: "Am sorry Thomas feels that he was 'cheated' because of misspelling. Even if the answer had been allowed, he still would have been in second place and won $2,000, which is what he won."


Judge Orders M.J.’s Fake Baby Mama To Pay Him Thousands For Bogus Paternity Claim

Pamela Smith, the woman who claimed that basketball icon Michael Jordan (pictured) had fathered her 17-year-old son, was ordered by a judge to pay him $9,704.13 for reportedly trying to milk the player out of thousands for a child whom she knew was not his, according to TMZ.

Smith filed a paternity suit back in February of this year demanding she get full custody of their alleged son, insisting that Jordan take a paternity test and dole out child support dollars for knocking her up back in 1995.  The legendary Hall of Famer, though, stood his ground and denied he was the father of the boy.

But during the case’s discovery process, Jordan’s attorney uncovered the fact, that Smith named her ex as her son’s biological Dad in her divorce filings.

Smith then withdrew her suit one month after filing it with the courts, but there was always a possibility that it could be refiled.

According to Estee Portnoy, a spokeswoman for the wealthy entrepreneur and majority owner of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, stated then that Smith’s legal move didn’t have a leg to stand on and Jordan would not pay her one red cent.

Now, according to TMZ, on July 19th, a judge reportedly referred to Smith’s filing as bogus and even called her out as a gold digging media hound who hired a publicist before even securing an attorney to represent her.

The judge then ordered Smith to ante up the money so that Jordan’s legal tab would be satisfied.

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