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Vegas move yields ‘Dream Girls’ role

  • Written by Deidra Shores/Special to The New Tri-State Defender

IMG 20130107 003257-600Memphians are making moves! Need proof? Well, native Memphian Markevius Faulkner has scored a role in a Las Vegas stage production of "Dream Girls."

Faulkner received the role after moving to Las Vegas, where he had been staying for several months before he even knew of the "Dream Girls" audition.

Impressions matter and Faulkner had made a lasting one on the "Dream Girls'" producer while auditioning earlier for a role in "The Color Purple." That's why he got the call to audition for the part of CeCe in "Dream Girls."

Deidra-Shores-160Faulkner tells me that he didn't let his very talented competitors – nor the fact that he showed up a tad bit late to the audition – stop him. Despite being fully convinced he would not receive the role or even compare to the other auditions, he decided to give it his best try anyway.

CeCe, the 16-year-old younger brother of the Dream Girls' main character, Effie, is innocent, anxious and ambitious. Faulkner, 25, said his relationship with his own big sister, Shavetta Leaks, who he calls his biggest supporter, is the source of his inspiration for playing CeCe.

A sibling's support is a great tool to have regardless of how much you can get on each other's nerves sometimes. Disclaimer: Markevious did not say that his sister gets on his nerves. I have extensive personal experience and research material in this area.

Faulkner says one of the biggest adjustments he faces with the move to Las Vegas is the weather. You would think one who is from the south would be accustomed to heat, but then again Memphis' weather is a bit bi-polar and inconsistent.

While trying to meet new people and learn his way around, Faulkner works as the Minister of Music at a local church and balances rehearsals for the "Dream Girls," which are four days a week and usually last at least seven hours.

The incredible amount of practice is all worth it, says Faulkner, who was ready with some suggestions for anyone who wants to be in the same business.

"Plan your work, and work your plan," he said, adding that you should write down all the goals you want to accomplish, how you will do it, and go after them. Just consider your plan like a map or instructions you can refer back to as often as you need to," says Faulkner.

"Dream Girls" opens the first week of March and is directed by Torrey Russell. If you're in Vegas, stop by the West Las Vegas Theater to see the show and let us know what you think.

And in this case, whatever happens in Vegas does not need to stay in Vegas.

Break a leg, Markevius!

(Deidra Shores, former NBC "Today Show Kid Reporter," has added her skills to The New Tri-State Defender, where she is the TSD iTeen Reporter.)

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