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TV One unchains 'Django'

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TV One's Cathy Hughes sits down with Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino and more to go deep into the world of the new slave revenge flick "Django Unchained" in an upcoming special.

"Djanjo Unchained: The TV One Special' is set for 6 p.m. (CT) on Saturday (Dec. 15). Set in the Deep South, the film follows Django (Foxx), a freed slave who treks across America with Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a bounty hunter.

Foxx is on the hunt for vengenance. In the special, he and co-star Kerry Washington talk about becoming slaves on film. Foxx told Hughes it was tough getting into the mindset

"It's tough to be called nigger everyday," said Foxx, adding that he and Washington took steps to prepare them for that and more.

Another tough element was the scene depicting the lashing of Washington's character

"Everybody knew this was going to be the toughest part in the movie," said Foxx. "Kerry Washington actually asked to be lashed."

Washington said, "I wanted that moment to be both real...and I wanted to try and capture the unimaginable pain...I also wanted to catch some of the dignity of who in the world could have survived today. What kind of internal strength allows you to bear such external pain."

"Django Unchained" is written and directed by Tarantino. In addition to Foxx,Washington and Waltz, it stars Leonardo and Samuel L. Jackson.

The film is scheduled to be released on Christmas Day.

Photo: Jamie Foxx talks 'Django Unchained' with Cathy Hughes (Courtesy photo)

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