Shopping economically smart – and with style!


by Danielle Taylor
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

OK, the economy generally is down in the dumps, but that does not mean that fashion has to be too.

Still want to look fabulous on a few dollars? Well, let's take a walk down to the fashion corner 411 and confront the challenge of finding something hot – but cool – for the summer.

On a recent thrift-oriented excursion for The New Tri-State Defender, we found a bonanza of outfits at Goodwill.

Our first look is a pair of rustic Calvin Klein Capri Jeans, with graffiti tee by Vixen, a vest by City Streets, belt by Fossil, a cute striped hobo bag and a cute pair of comfortable closed toes sandals by Highlights all under $20. Yes! What a great bargain, huh?

Wait, there's more; tons of accessories – acrylic earrings and bangles for example – that will make any thrift store find cutting-edge and chic. The best part, of course, is that you don't have the break the bank. Saving is the name of the game here.

Remember this: when looking for great deals, pack a lot of patience to look through all the racks in search of your fashion statement.

Let's take a look at our second outfit; a crimson-fitted blouse by Abercrombie, a denim skirt by Maurice, with a front split, adorned with a thin leather belt, crimson and silver clutch by Apostrophe, and open-toed wedge sandals by American Eagle; all under $15 for the outfit.

Don't forget the accessories: hand-painted earrings, chain necklace with a crimson feather and a few thin bracelets. Reach for another five bucks, and for a grand total of $20 you're looking deliciously chic and sweet for a day out with friends.

For our last thrift store delight, there's nothing like a fun-in-the-sun sundress to keep you nice and cool as you try to beat the summer heat.

Here is our absolutely amazing find: a white maxi skirt (petti-hoop) with antique lace on the bottom; white tunic v-neck collar shirt by Quizz, with black floral designs along the sleeves; a black wide belt; a pair of oversized black earrings; a long black beaded necklace; a black handbag to add a little sizzle to this hot and spicy style; with a pair of black flip flops. Accessories are a must to create any perfect ensemble, so, believe it or not, just add $7.

The key to thrift store shopping is to know the days when things are 10 percent to 60 percent off. Different days bring great savings.

For example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday may be red tag special days with 50 percent off all denim. Or, buy a pair of shoes and get the other pair free, or a free pair of earrings.

F.Y.I.: Goodwill has a rewards card – another way to save on clothes.

Don't have the time to visit your local thrift store? You can always shop online. Yes! Thrift shopping has become just that – simple and conveniently right in your home.

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