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Whalum to ‘Romance’ the web

  • Written by Shirley Jackson

Valentine’s Day and good jazz music is pleasure to the squared power. The equation is simple math that will work its way into myriad hearts on Feb. 14.

Valentine’s Day and good jazz music is pleasure to the squared power. The equation is simple math that will work its way into myriad hearts on Feb. 14.

Kirk Whalum (left) and his brother, Kevin Whalum, are a powerful team on the new CD “Romance Language,” No. 29 for Kirk Whalum. (Photo by Raj Naik)

 Kirk Whalum Romance Language CD
With the aid of a concert streamed live, Grammy-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum will launch his newest album  (No. 29) – ‘Romance Language’ – on the day reserved for special expressions of love. The live two-hour concert streams at 10:30 p.m.

I love to sample all genres of music. Jazz, which is way up there on my favorites’ list, can be defined as Kirk Whalum in my book. See the number of his CDs that I have for punctuation. ‘Romance Language’ is just one more example of the profound musician he is.

The Feb. 14 webcast will be powered by StageIt and available via Whalum’s Facebook page. Viewers should get set for rare behind-the-scenes glimpses. The encore rebroadcast is slated for Feb. 18 at 7 p.m., with Whalum on hand for a live Q&A session.

Whalum fans, who have come to appreciate the stamp that he puts on the silky smooth sound of the saxophone, will love his latest creation. It is billed as Whalum’s re-imaging of the classic album of duets recorded in 1963 by sax titan John Coltrane and sterling vocalist Johnny Hartman.

Kevin Whalum, Whalum’s younger brother, is showcased on the new CD, that also features fresh arrangements and live-sounding production by Whalum and John Stoddart, Whalum’s musical director and keyboardist. Kirk and Kevin’s 83-year-old uncle, Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum, contributes a strong vocal performance on “Almost Doesn’t Count.”

My description of  “Romance Language” strings these words: “warm, sexy, soothing, stimulating, relaxing, romantic and mellow.” My favorite selections are “Almost Doesn’t Count,” “I Wish, I Wasn’t,” and “They Say It’s Wonderful.”

 A Rendezvous Music release, “Romance Language” is A+++ in my collection of jazz music. The buildup for the release notes that it is the “world’s first complete LiveAudio optimized album for JAMBOX by JAWBONE.” That translates into “music to be enjoyed in a 3D-like, surround sound experience from a single, small Bluetooth wireless speaker.”

The Webcast includes a partnership with Portland Prime, Hilton Portland & Executive Tower and BMW & MINI Portland. During the live stream, Whalum will give away a JAMBOX and announce an exclusive JAMBOX offer as a gift to his fans.

Musicians scheduled to accompany Kirk, Kevin and special guest Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum on the Valentine’s Day webcast from the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower are Stoddart (keyboards), Marcus Finnie (drums), Braylon Lacy (bass), and Kevin Turner (guitar).

Tickets for the Valentine’s Day “Romance Language” live concert stream and the Feb. 18 rebroadcast can be purchased for $3 from www.StageIt.com or

(For more information about Kirk Whalum, visit www.kirkwhalum.com.)


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