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Nothing uncertain about Ify’s talent

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom

Ify has a multi-genre style that challenges the status quo and illustrates the beauty in individuality. And she has the region buzzing. by Jason D. Burt
Special to the Tri-State Defender

Ify has been gigging it up this year, rocking-out venues in Memphis and the ATL. (Photo by Charlisha Renata)

Ify has a multi-genre style that challenges the status quo and illustrates the beauty in individuality.

And she has the region buzzing. So if you’ve missed out on any of her performances – or haven’t heard one of those little orange CDs floating around – my guess is that you will soon.

Ify has been making and living around music her whole life. She’s been pursuing her gift professionally for three to four years. She paints, writes, sings, raps, models and she has a sincere love of arts. She says her favorite project is her first song, “Out of Line.” It was “epic” to her because she didn’t know she had it in her. Then it came out and people liked it.

 Right now, said Ify, her musical influences are Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Madonna. Actually, she gave me a list of a broad range of music legends (too long to list in this article), serving to show the scope of her aspirations.

This year, Ify has been gigging it up, rocking-out venues in Memphis and the ATL. Her last show was Sunday (April 3) at the Watch Me Work Hair Show at the Cook Convention Center downtown. Her video – “Cupid Must Die 2nyte,” directed by Christopher Reyes – was in the 2011 Live from Memphis Music Video Show Case at the Studio on the Square Theatre. And in March, she ripped the mic, on stage, at the City Beats TV Show & Work of Art Models Presents – SEA Charity Event: Rip the Runway Fashion Show, also at the Cook Convention Center.

I asked Ify why she is making music.

“Music is my life. I put my heart and soul in to it, and I would be nothing without music,” she said, exuding authenticity.

“ It has gotten me through so much and God. When I turn on a nice song and I can relate to it, it makes me feel like everything will be OK. So I’m doing it so that other people can feel the way I did, or I do, whenever I hear a good song. I’m a music lover; I don’t want it to go anywhere. I believe…we can change it (the world), a little, with music.”

I think that it is important to spotlight the talents that we have right here in Memphis, so in my interviews with artists I always get them to weigh on which artist from Memphis will be next to gain national recognition? Ify’s name comes up often. I put the same question to Ify and she named – Skewby, Cj Tate, Pat 24/7, No Soda, Pro, Homework, and the list goes on. Apparently she wants to put everyone on the list.

She just shows love like that.

(For updated show information for Ify, check out her links: www.myspace.com/ifymusic, www.YouTube.com/ifymusic, www.Twitter.com/ifylicious, www.Reverbnation.com/ifymusic.)

(Jason D. Burt is a special correspondent with “‘N’Style TV Show” (Tuesdays at 6 p.m.) and “City Beats TV Show)” (Wednesdays at midnight) – both on Comcast Cable Channel 17.)

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