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A weekend full of matched expectations

Didn’t I tell you that those suggestions for Valentine’s Day would work? I knew they would. You’re welcome.
 Myron Mays

Didn’t I tell you that those suggestions for Valentine’s Day would work? I knew they would. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I had a great Valentines Day weekend myself. Aside from playing all love songs the entire weekend while I was on the radio, I got the opportunity to catch a couple of great concerts thanks to my good friends Mike Powell from Fresh Ideas and Marcus Dorris of Mix & Mingle Entertainment.

Sunday night, I checked out Miles Jaye, Chico Debarge and Rachelle Ferrell at the Peabody for the Red Carpet Extravaganza. Great show! I was thoroughly impressed by Miles Jaye. Not only did he still sound good after all of these years, the man plays a mean violin. I actually thought it was someone else until he walked up through the crowd. Upon finishing his violin set, he went into one of his signature songs, “Let’s Start Love Over.”

Jaye then performed a few songs in tribute to Teddy Pendergrass before singing the song that everyone wanted to hear – “I’ve Been a Fool for You.” The whole time he was on stage I could not help but think of Gerald Levert. I’m not sure if it was done purposely, but the guy definitely has “Levertisms.”

Then there was Chico Debarge. The guy still has it as well. He performed a couple of his songs but the highlight was when he went into the story of his family and where they started off in music. He took us back to 1979 when his older brother, Bobby, and his band, Switch, released, “I Call Your Name.” This got the crowd going as everyone in the room – males and females – join in the sing-along.

But then he took it a step further and made the crowd feel even better when he performed “I Like” by Debarge. And although he could not quite hit the falsetto like his brothers, Bobby and El, he held his own. If you wanna hear El hit the high note, you will have to catch him when he comes to town next month with Kem and Ledisi.

I last saw the headliner, Ms. Ferrell, in concert 10 years ago and she still looks good. I can say this, I did not know she had such great beatboxing skills. The girl could put Doug E. Fresh to shame.

Valentine’s Day, Part II

After a great night on Sunday, I had to get some rest so that I could be ready for the big day.

After I was done buying flowers, candy, cards and balloons, it was time for Valentine’s Day part two. Brian McKnight at the Cannon Center.

This was the absolute best show I have EVER attended. Let me repeat, it was the best show I have EVER attended. No band, no back up singers. It was only Brian McKnight, a grand piano and two guitars. That’s it.

From beginning to end, McKnight mesmerized the crowd, especially the females. Not only did he perform a full slate of his hits, he also told the story of how he got started in music, how he began playing instruments and how he writes his songs.

He talked about his many musical influences, which included Stevie Wonder, Nat Cole as well as Michael Jackson. Not only did he tell how they influenced him, he even performed a song from each one of them with a full impression. And he really sounded like each one of them. When this guy comes back to town I advise you to buy tickets and go to see him. Your woman will thank you!

NOTE: Tavis Smiley will be in Memphis on March 5 and I got the opportunity to talk to him regarding his appearance at Christian Brothers University. I will be sharing that with you on next week, plus more! Until then, that’s what’s happening!

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