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Love on Monday; thank me later

Next Monday shouldn’t be a typical, “Oh no, it’s Monday” kind of a day. In fact, for many of us this Monday was marked on the look-forward-to calendar some time ago. Yes, it’s “Love Day 2011,” aka Valentines Day. 
 Myron Mays

Next Monday shouldn’t be a typical, “Oh no, it’s Monday” kind of a day. In fact, for many of us this Monday was marked on the look-forward-to calendar some time ago. Yes, it’s “Love Day 2011,” aka Valentines Day.

You know what that means right?

There’s gonna be a lot of guys really, really trying to get it right. I understand...I’m a guy too. That’s why I have taken it upon myself to share my wealth of information to my fellow gentlemen.

You can thank me later...

Carriage Tours of Memphis

Nothing says romance like taking a romantic carriage ride through downtown Memphis. Not only can it be romantic, but informative as well. Learn about all of the historical samples and nightspots, as well as the mighty Mississippi River along the way. You can even get dropped off at your hotel or dining destination at the end of your ride. Find pick up stations at the Peabody Hotel, Beale & Second and Beale & Third. For more information, visit www.carriagetoursofmemphis.com or call 901-527-7542. Reservations recommended.

Red Carpet Extravaganza

If you catch a carriage ride on Sunday night, you might as well keep the pre-Valentines day romance going. You can do that by checking out the Red Carpet Extravaganza with Rachelle Farrell, Miles Jaye and Chico Debarge. Rachelle always puts on a great show. Remember Miles Jaye’s hit song, “I’ve been a Fool for You?” I can’t wait to hear it live. Also, I’ve been a fan of Chico Debarge since his first hit, “Rainy Nights,” back in 1987. Tickets are still on sale at TIX.com and all “Suits U” locations. Prices are $45, $55 and $63.  

Brian McKnight

“One Last Cry,” “Back at One,” “Do I ever Cross Your Mind?” I don’t think Marcus Dorris and Mix & Mingle Entertainment could have picked a better time to get Brian McKnight to town than Valentines Day! McKnight is all about love, don’t you agree? So do I. There is no better way to get her in the mood than to have a little love in the atmosphere! Visit mixandmingle.net, all Ticketmaster outlets or visit the Cannon Center Box Office to get your tickets!   

Dinner & a movie

What’s her favorite place to eat? Wherever it is, you might wanna get there two days early. Well, maybe not that early, but early enough in the evening to make sure you’re not standing in line for what might feel like an eternity.  If you’re gonna catch a movie, just think “chick flick.”

Dinner/movie home version

Can you cook? If not, you still have a little time to learn. There’s tons of easy to prepare meal ideas to choose from. This is an option you might want to really research and plan carefully. I know it’s the thought that counts, but you still want this one to turn out right. Go to the RedBox early. My guess is, those things are gonna run out of the good stuff. As far as a movie, again think “chick flick.”

Shari’s Berries

Not everyone likes candy, but who doesn’t like strawberries? Just visit www.berries.com and get your special lady a half dozen dipped swizzled strawberries for only $19.99. Trust me, this is a good look!


Proflowers.com has a special for Facebook members. One dozen roses or 15 tulips in a nice vase for only $19.99! And if you think that is a great deal, there’s more! For just $20 more, you can actually add another dozen roses, chocolates and a teddy bear. All that, plus they deliver! This should score you major points, trust me.

Even better, you can call her up and wish her a Happy Valentines Day...and that doesn’t cost a thing right?

There you have it! Now there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a Valentines Day to remember.

NEXT WEEK: I’ll tell you about Mike Epps and friends, the Soul Fest and Raisin in the Sun at Hattiloo Theatre. Until then, that’s what’s happening.

(Check me out on Facebook, Twitter or visit www.whatshappeningmyron.com.)

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