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Where are the people for Tyler Perry’s ‘Peeples’

14Peeple-600Over the weekend, I went to see "Tyler Perry Presents Peeples" – a film that Perry neither wrote nor directed. He is credited among the producers and apparently bankrolled the project. The movie was actually written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism, who wrote the screenplay for "Drumline."

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, however, it didn't create much of a buzz at the box office. It didn't help to be up against the second week of "Iron Man 3" and the opening weekend of "The Great Gatsby." Those two heavyweights dominated the top two positions bringing in $72 million and $51 million respectively.

"Peeples" came in at a distant fourth, with less than $5 million dollars for its opening weekend. "Pain and Gain" with Mark Walberg and Dwayne Johnson came in at No., with right at $5 million.

Seriously, I really think "Peeples" is a pretty good film. I was very entertained and I laughed throughout the entire film. It sort of reminded me of a black version of such films as "Meet the Fockers."

Actually, I think "Peeples" could have been filmed with an all-white cast and that may have helped it at the box office. White audiences tend to relate more to films of that particular style...and black movie-goers tend to gravitate to movies of that nature when they feature an all-white cast.

In other words, very few back people know anyone that's like the characters in the film. Therefore I don't think they could relate.

Still, I will say this, if you're looking for a good movie, you should give "Peeples" a chance. Perhaps the trailers did it no justice, but you'll be glad you got out and watched it.

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