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The 20 Most Well-Read Cities for African-Americans

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom

34bookstore-400#1 – Durham, North Carolina

#2 – Manhattan, New York

#3 – Atlanta, Georgia

#4 – Washington, District Of Columbia

#5 – Miami, Florida (3rd on Amazon's List)

#6 – Saint Louis, Missouri (11th on Amazon's List)

#7 – Cleveland, Ohio

#8 – Baltimore, Maryland

#9 – New Orleans, Louisiana

#10 – Raleigh, North Carolina

#11 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#12 – Memphis, Tennessee

#13 – Charlotte, North Carolina

#14 – Bronx, New York

#15 – Detroit, Michigan

#16 – Brooklyn, New York

#17 – Chicago, Illinois

#18 – Jacksonville, Florida

#20 – Houston, Texas

Source: The African American Literature Book Club, AALBC.com's website's traffic ranking, on a per capita basis, the number of visitors from cities with more than 200,000 residents.

New York City's five boroughs were treated separately because of their large populations; Manhattan (1,619,090), The Bronx (1,408,473), Brooklyn (2,565,635). f New York City was treated as a single city (combining Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx) it would still be in the top 20 but Dallas and Los Angeles would then be added to the list at #19 and #20 respectively.

The total number of cities captured in the sample was over 500 globally. There were two non-American cities which made the top 20 (Ottawa, Ontario and London, England), but they were excluded because only American cities were considered for this list.


0 #1 troy@aalbc.com 2013-05-17 07:22
TSD, thanks for sharing! Later in the year we will broaden the number of websites feeding into this list. We will also factor in the number of bookclubs in each city, the number of Independent Bookstores and more.

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