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A ‘Shark Tank’ lesson: Ask for help when needed

A few months ago, I had a discussion with a few associates over coffee. The topic of the conversation was a television show called "Shark Tank." I had watched it a few times and thought that it was intriguing. My associates found it captivating.

The premise of the show is a business owner bringing a product or service to a panel of professionals in the hopes of receiving an investment of money and expertise. It's called "Shark Tank" because the investors are just that, sharks.


What is your retirement vision?

Wouldn't it be disappointing to dream about a comfortable retirement and then find yourself unable to enjoy your leisure years because of limited financial resources? Unfortunately, this is a possibility for people who underestimate retirement expenses and the rising cost of living.


Felecia Bean and family cater to please

Felecia Bean and family cater to please

Recently, I was fortunate to serve as legal counsel for a movie called "N-Secure" that was filmed in Memphis. Daily on the set, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were provided to the crew courtesy of Felecia Bean Catering. And it was wonderful!

Omelets prepared on demand, fresh seasoned fruit – the choices were incredible. As a full-service caterer, Bean can do it all.


The benefits of giving

A recent study using data from 136 countries suggests that spending money for the benefit of others promotes a feeling of happiness in the giver. This may not be surprising to the many people who donate to charity. Almost three-fourths of charitable giving in the United States comes from individuals.

Charitable contributions could also help ease your tax burden; therefore, it's important to keep appropriate records and follow IRS guidelines.


$11 million FDIC settlement to benefit 60,000 college students

by Charlene Crowell
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

As millions of college students return to campus, a recent settlement by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) may become a financial blessing to students and their parents. An estimated 60,000 students are expected to share $11 million in restitution from two financial firms – Higher One Holdings, Inc. and Bancorp Bank.


2012 Economic Development Forum has healthcare emphasis

"Minority" businesses looking for growth opportunities need look no further than the healthcare industry, where – according to the U.S. Department of Labor – you will find 13 of the nation's 20 fastest-growing jobs. And they are among the best paying jobs in the country.

That scenario helps explain the healthcare emphasis that the Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum (MMBC) has built into the 2012 Economic Development Forum set for Aug. 27-29 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.