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The ‘seed’ keeps growing at The Insurance Center

Inspired by a speaker at a Boys Club of Memphis event, Ronald Meredith became intrigued by the insurance industry.


Inspired by a speaker at a Boys Club of Memphis event, Ronald Meredith became intrigued by the insurance industry. While insurance is vital to any and all businesses, it too often is something that you don’t miss until you need it. Meredith, a twenty-five-year veteran in the industry, began his career in insurance part-time and is now full-time.

Carlee McCullough: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ronald Meredith: I am a native Memphian, by way of New Orleans. I grew up in the LeMoyne Gardens area, attended South Side High School, and from there I joined the U.S. Navy. I have 4 children. Two have graduated from college, one is a junior and one is a senior in high school. I have been in the insurance business since 1986.

CM: How and when did you become involved in the insurance business?


RM: I became involved in the insurance business in 1986, through the A.L Williams “buy term invest the difference” era. However, I actually became interested in the insurance business in the late 70’s. I was attending one of the first Steak & Burger events with the Boys Club of Memphis and one of my mentors for the day was an insurance agent. He planted enough of a seed to spark an interest in my career path. Now 25 plus years later, I have truly enjoyed growing in this business.

CM: What new business offerings do you have?

RM: I have great wealth building programs for families, individuals, and businesses. I have annuities that provide a bonus on deposits, mutual funds that are earning great returns, even in this economy.

CM: Tell us about the bonding program that your firm offers.

RM: This is the most excited I have been in the commercial insurance business in quite some time. Right now a lot of business can’t compete for the large government contracts because they cannot get bonded for one reason or the other. This program does not look at the business owner’s credit or his/her personal or business assets; the job is the collateral. The bond company will also provide funding capital if the business owner desires to activate this option. But this program allows every business owner that wanted to bid on larger jobs to do so now.

CM: What types of insurance policies do you offer that build generational wealth?

RM: I always recommend a term policy basically because the price on average for $100,000 of coverage is $20 per month for men and less for women. Now keep in mind age and health conditions also play a factor in the pricing as well. But there is no reason for anyone not to have this type of policy. Can you imagine if 80 percent of the African-American homes had a $100,000 policy on each of their parents what our race would look like in one generation? I ask you how many times this month have you wasted $20.

CM: What key types of insurance should a business hold?

RM: Each business should have general liability insurance, business owners protection, workman’s comprehensive insurance if required. If the business has multiple owners, each owner should have a life insurance policy in the amount of the value of the business at least to buy out the member that dies. They should have business overhead protection in the event of a disability. This will provide income to continue to pay the salaries until the owner can return back to work. This is the basic insurance package each business should have in place.

CM: Any closing remarks?

RM: I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with the community the dynamics and vision of my company. I think each person reading this should give starting your own business a chance. If they surround themselves with a good team (attorney, CPA, insurance broker, banker), in America you can have anything you plan for and set your mind on. Go for it and may God bless.

(For more information, contact: The Insurance Center at 1331 Union Ave, Suite 742; call 901-272-2259; fax 901-272-2298; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

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