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Hair and wellness challenge on weekend Expo agenda

Obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease in women of color are partially a result of the lack of physical inactivity and a key factor is the limitation a woman's hair may create.

Takeisha Berry-Brooks has organized the Naturals In The City Hair & Wellness Expo for Saturday (July 28) at The Esplanade to address the challenge. While there are "gyms and facilities in just about every neighborhood," said Berry-Brooks, many women who perm, relax or process their hair view water, sweat and humidity as "their arch enemy."

"You see, the average woman that sits down in her stylist's chair, spending anywhere from $40 to several hundred dollars, is just not going to want to turn around and sweat that out," said Berry-Brooks, a natural hair stylist and salon owner for over 10 years,.

In addition to the wall that many women run in to regarding their hair, there long has been the challenge of "natural" hairstyles being accepted in the workplace and commercial / mainstream environments."

In the last few years, more and more women have moved toward better health and a better lifestyle and for many the shift is associated with a "natural hair explosion". Women of color all over the country have been changing their hair with acceptance. This new embrace is being seen in television, the workplace and just about all areas, especially the gyms.

A ton of questions and concerns have cropped up as part of the evolution. The most frequently asked questions are:

"How do I transition to natural hair?"

"How do I care for my new hair style?"

"Is it less expensive than what I've been doing?"

"Who are some good natural hair stylists in the Memphis area?"

All of these questions and more will be addressed at the Naturals In The City Hair & Wellness Expo, which will feature workshops, presentations, classes, a natural hair show competition, vendors, live entertainment, shopping and a host of other activities.

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