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County Commission shaping up

countycomm 600After Tuesday's Shelby County Primary Elections, the Shelby County Board of Commissioners is shaping up, with the Aug. 7th General Election on the horizon.

District 1
Terry Roland (Republican, incumbent)

District 2
George Chism (Republican)

District 3
David Reaves (Republican)

District 4
Mark Billingsley (Republican, incumbent)

District 5
Heidi Shafer (Republican, incumbent)

District 6
Willie Brooks (Democrat)
David Shiffman (Republican)

District 7
Melvin Burgess (Democrat, incumbent)

District 8
Walter Bailey (Democrat, incumbent)
Julie Ray (Republican)

District 9
Justin Ford (Democrat, incumbent)

District 10
Reginald Milton (Democrat)
Geoff Diaz (Republican)

District 11
Eddie Jones (Democrat)

District 12
Van Turner (Democrat)

District 13
Dr. Manoj Jain (Democrat)
Steve Basar (Republican, incumbent)


0 #1 Jackie Jackson 2014-05-08 09:01
I am the Democratic nominee running in District 4. Your article omits that fact and should be corrected.

Thank you,
Jackie Jackson

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