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At 89, Omega’s Epsilon Phi Chapter is in full stride

omega 600The eclectic brothers of the Epsilon Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. recently came together to celebrate the chapter's rich and full 89-year history.

The celebration (April 19th) was held at the historic Four Way Grill, which was well suited for the recognition and reverence of an Omega chapter that has meant much to the Mid-South. Filled with fellowship and the sharing of stories (some even true), the outing included special recognition of the Episilon Phi Chapter's Golden Ques (GQ).

The GQ are men of Omega who have attained 65 years of age; have met financial requirements as set forth by the chapter; embrace the cardinal principles of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; and readily fraternize with like-minded brothers of the fraternity.

Golden Ques_in_the_Upstairs_Dining_Area_During_the_EPHI_89_Year_Celebration"We are grateful for having the opportunity to play a role in writing the history of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Epsilon Phi Chapter," said Floyd Harrison, GQ Lead.

"(A) tremendous event highlighting the importance of honoring those on whose shoulders we continue to stand, said Terrence Jones.

GQ members were not recognized solely for tenure. They also were heralded for their enduring service and commitment to duty to her cause. It is the GQ charge to provide sage counsel to the Epsilon Phi Chapter leadership.

With enthusiasm for the chapter's past, GQ members are thoroughly immersed in the present direction of the chapter and instrumental in helping forge the future. In addition, they are legacy resources, bridging what would otherwise be a gap between the chapter's past and new brothers.

During chapter meetings, a GQ member provides the Brotherhood with a brief account of the fraternity's history, as well as shares his personal experiences in Omega Psi Phi.

The 89-year history of Epsilon Phi Chapter is filled with myriad successes, with the GQ members serving as real-life testaments to the level and degree of commitment that is required to bring potential success to fruition.

Willie Earl Bates, owner of the Four Way and a GQ member, said, "(It was) a great event to celebrate two of the Mid-South's most iconic establishments."


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