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Shelby County Democratic Party chairman warns voters about rogue ballots.

bryancarson 600Saying some individuals produce ballots as a profit making venture during election season at the expense of the candidates, Shelby County Democratic Party Chairman Bryan Carson is warning voters about what he calls rogue ballots.

According to Carson, multiple ballots are being mailed or distributed during the Democratic Primary elections and they are not officially sanctioned by the Shelby County Democratic Party.

"These unofficial ballots are not a reliable, valid or sanctioned voting guide," said Carson. "Voters should avoid using these rogue ballots as a basis for making voting decisions."

The Shelby County Democratic Party neither endorses candidates nor does it produce a ballot during a primary.

In a release Friday from Carson and the Shelby County Democratic Party, the local Party asserts that individuals who are generating the "rogue ballots" are not necessarily concerned with who the best candidates are but which candidates can afford to pay to be on their ballots.

"Many candidates are not listed on these ballots primarily because they chose not to pay the exorbitant costs to be included," the statement says. "In those cases, the opposing candidates are solicited and listed, if the fee is paid."

A complete listing of Democratic Primary candidates can be found on the Shelby County Democratic Party's website, www.shelbydem.org, or the Election Commission's website at www.shelbyvote.com


0 #1 ResidentofMemphisTN 2014-04-26 13:44
So.. does this mean that in the early voting primary.. there were people missing off the ballots?

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