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Moore back on ballot for District 6

moore 600For the record, Edith Ann Moore is officially – and legally – a District 6 candidate for the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.

What a difference 8 days make.

On March 19th, the Shelby County Election Commission booted Moore off the ballot for the Democratic Primary. That came after looking into her residency and deciding on a 4-0 vote that Moore should be decertified.

On Wednesday (March 26th), Moore was back on the ballot thanks to a ruling by Chancery Court Judge Arnold B. Goldin.

The district takes in parts of Frayser and Raleigh. The commission's decertification followed assertions that Moore did not live at the address she listed in the district.

"He (Judge Goldin) found that I was 18 years old, a registered voter in my district at the time of certification and that I was residing in the county for a least a year. That's it," said Moore. "I have lived in and out of that house for over two years. I have furniture there. It's where I live."

Moore called the earlier move to decertify her "a simple political game," adding that she was "someone that is trying to be honest, to be up front."

"It's you-all's (the media) to find out who is really behind this," she said, noting that she had spend a significant amount of money "to make sure that my home looks just as good as anybody else's."

Moore now is back in the District 6 Democratic Party Primary battling Karl L. Bond, Willie Brooks and Kendrick D. Sneed. David M. Shiffman is the only name on the Republican ballot.

For Moore, her candidacy is actually a move to get back on the Commission. In Dec. 2009, the Shelby County Board of Commissioners selected her to replace Commissioner Joe Ford, who had been appointed Interim Shelby County Mayor.

"This is a new district and I got in the race because it deserves real representation," said Moore. "You have a tremendous amount of diversity in this area and one of the strongest immigrant communities."

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