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MATA adjustments include two new routes

MATA-logo-600The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) launches two new routes as a part of its route adjustments on Sept. 22.

The new routes are a part of MATA's focus on budget efficiency, routes to meet service demands, and making more use of route transfers for more direct travel compared to most routes going downtown for transfer.

The 42 Crosstown debuts as the "most direct and convenient link" from Frayser to Whitehaven and many major locations in between. The route features 13 numbered timepoints and transfer points to 21 other MATA routes (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 17, 19, 20, 30, 34, 35, 36, 40, 46, 50, 52, 53, 56, 57 and 69). The Memphis Medical Center area is among the points along 42 Crosstown.

The 46 Whitehaven Flyer comes aboard as a direct service from the heart of Whitehaven at Elvis Presley and Holmes to Downtown Memphis along Elvis Presley and Bellevue. The route features seven numbered timepoints and transfer points to nine other MATA routes (4, 7, 17, 20, 30, 35, 36, 42 and 69). Southland Mall, Methodist Hospital South and the Memphis Medical Center area are among the points along 46 Whitehaven Flyer.

"These two routes not only cross each other, they provide excellent direct links to many routes traveling west to east, which provides riders access to many points around the Memphis area without the need to always travel downtown to catch other bus routes," said William Hudson, President and General Manager of MATA.

"We know this will be a change for some people, but once they learn the patterns, it will create faster and more direct opportunities for many."

MATA held public hearings and took comments during July, at which time public input led to fewer route and schedule changes that were originally proposed.

To help riders with the changes, some 30 retirees from MATA will be riding busses and stationed at the transit centers.

The new 42 Crosstown and 46 Whitehaven Flyer take the place of old routes 10, 31 and 43 whose service is now covered by the new routes (as well as by the revised 57 Park) and will be eliminated. Riders can visit www.matatansit.com to see how these new routes offer alternatives to the routes being eliminated.

Other service changes that take effect on Sept. 22 will be:

2 Madison – Routing changes;

4 Walker – Modified weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules, routing changes;

5 Central – Routing changes;

7 Air Park – Modified weekday schedules;

11 Thomas – Modified weekday schedules;

12 Florida – Modified weekday schedules;

13 Lauderdale – Modified weekday and Saturday, routing changes;

19 Vollintine – Routing changes;

20 Winchester (new name) – Modified weekday and Saturday, routing changes, no longer goes downtown;

35 South Parkway – Modified weekday route;

39 South Third – Modified weekday and Saturday, routing changes;

53 Summer – Modified weekday and Saturday, routing changes;

57 Park – Modified weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules, routing changes;

69 Winchester - Modified Saturday schedule;

82 Germantown – Modified Weekday schedules

Maps and changes for all adjusted and new routes are available at: http://www.matatransit.com/uploadedFiles/Main_Site/Content/Maps_and_Schedules/Service_Changes/9.22.13%20service%20change%20booklet1.pdf or by calling 274-MATA (6282).

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