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Student iTeen Report: Back to school thoughts & advice

  • Written by Deidra Shores, Special to The New Tri-State Defender



Kayla Little is a junior at Cordova High School, where she is heavily involved in the Cordova High chamber orchestra. She has practice after school throughout the week and is involved in performances at various places around the city. Not only is Kayla a gifted violinist, she’s also involved in the MIFA C.O.O.L program – a college readiness program that provides the basics and more so that students are ready the day they head off for college.

One step closer to graduating, Kayla says she’s ready for all the excitement the 11th grade will bring with all old and new friends. Now, along with excitement, also come fears about the junior-year standardized tests that play a major role in the pursuit of college.

I asked Kayla for her advice to new sophomores. She said, “Take yourself a bit more seriously…grades and classes are more serious now than you think they are.”


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