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AT&T helps Memphis manage programs to improve zoning enforcement

Mark Norris-200The City of Memphis is launching a mobility solution to help increase the safety of city workers and reduce numerous man-hours of redundant paperwork as it enacts programs to restructure neglected areas of the city and manage code violations more efficiently.

After the death of an employee on the job and reports of citizens violating ordinances, the city sought to improve zoning regulation enforcement, neighborhood clean-ups and visibility into the location of city workers. Xora's StreetSmart application, which operates on the AT&T network, is expected to help the City of Memphis eliminate man-hours lost to redundant, formerly paper-based processes that typically accompany its urban restoration programs while also providing features that allow the city to keep better tabs on worker movement.

"Using the Xora solution on AT&T's network can help us tighten our work processes, reduce errors, and allow us to devote more time to address other citizen concerns," said Michael Jones, Deputy Chief Information Officer, for the City of Memphis.

WhartonAC-400Features and benefits of the solution include:

• The workforce management solution features pull-down menus on tablets that allow workers to quickly and easily fill out forms and print documents from a mobile printer, replacing a two-step paper-based process wherein workers input data and then had to transcribe it later.

• The solution continuously feeds GPS locations of each City worker to a display monitored by supervisors, allowing them to know the whereabouts of each worker.

• A time-and-location stamp feature for photographs and customer signatures that allows workers to easily document information and be accountable for their work.

"Harnessing the latest technology and advanced wireless broadband networks can help our city government work more efficiently and effectively to serve Memphians," said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. "We continue to evaluate and innovate around our operations to best meet the growing needs of our city as we attract new businesses and citizens every year."

"The Tennessee General Assembly has focused very hard on creating an economic environment across our state that welcomes investment, incents new jobs and promotes innovation and advanced broadband," said Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris. "Today's announcement is a great demonstration of the fruits of this labor and the hard work of the City of Memphis to best serve Memphians."

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