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‘Who’s the Best Mom in the World?’

Seble-Ross-400In honor of Mother's Day and in collaboration with "The Loretta McNary Show," The New Tri-State Defender is showcasing the fifth annual Who's the Best Mom in the World? essay contest.

The TSD is featuring the winning essays and the moms they highlight as a reflection of the importance of mothers in our community.

Mother: Seble Ross

(Nominated by the Ross family.)

It is a question that can be best answered by her children...who know their Mom is their greatest protector, the wisest of counselors, and affirmative disciplinarian who will continually love and pray for them, through ALL THINGS and IN EVERY SEASON.

It is a question that can be best answered by her children ....who will always get from their Mom a consoling hug, and a gentle touch for every scrapped knee. And positive words of encouragement for a down casted spirit. All the while making them feel safe, by never leaving their side when they're scared and discouraged.

It is a question that can be best answered by her children ...who are being taught by their Mom...Life's Many Golden Rules, in patiently answering all their countless Why Dos', Why is', and "Why Are' like only she knows how too!

It is a question that can be best answered by her Man. her Husband.... who cherishes his children's Mom as a Person...Strong, Smart, Passionate, Entertaining, and Generous. Full of Action, Emotion, Hope, Spiritual Devotion, Beauty, Power, Compassion, and Practical Intelligence beyond Compare.

It is a question that can be best answered by her Family.... who sees her as a Woman. Mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister. Selflessly giving to ALL...Respect, Love, and Gratitude.

Mom the Bearer and Nurturer of...LIFE. The Center and Best MOM for Our Family!

A Position Worthy of Great Praise ...Deserving Nothing Less!

You Are Loved!

Donna-Cash-400Mother: Donna Cash

(Submitted by Amanda Cash, 27, and written by my Mom, Donna Cash. And to this day she still seeks God for guidance in our lives. She's the best Mom.)

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant... 1 Corinthians 13:4

Little did I know that St. Patrick's Day 1986, would be the best day of my life. It was the day that I received a wonderful gift from God, my daughter Amanda. I didn't realize how wonderful it was at the time because my little Amanda was born with Down Syndrome. I was lost as to what to do and how to teach and help her. This was my test of patience, faith and love.  Through the years of raising Amanda it took a lot of patience because she didn't meet developmental milestones as quickly as typical children her own age...this is where the patience aspect came in. I was never jealous of other people's children when they were walking at 10 to 12 months and Amanda walked at 20 months. She learned most everything that she was taught but patience was essential and I never gave up on her. My faith and prayer was that God would get us through.

I was a pretty high strung person and, believe me, having Amanda slowed me down so that I could appreciate the simple things in life. I truly learned patience and things would happen in God's time, not on my own time line. I learned that if things didn't happen when they were supposed to that they would happen eventually and the rewards for the things that we waited on were greater than I could imagine. I learned to appreciate her accomplishments which otherwise would have been taken for granted with a normal child. I learned to celebrate each day and each goal met as a new gift from God.

Sometimes things or circumstances happen in our lives that we cannot control so we have to put our faith in God that things will be okay. By putting our faith and trust in God we will realize his true unconditional love for us. When we understand and accept God's love we are able to love others unconditionally.

Amanda is now 27 years old and a very competent young woman. She completed high school and is currently a self-advocate for persons with Down syndrome and other disabilities. I am so proud of her and her unconditional love for others.

Questions for Reflection

What are some circumstances in your life right now where God seems to be teaching you patience? What are some ways in which you can respond differently to the unexpected events in life? How has what you have learned through a difficult circumstance been used to help someone else?


Most Loving Heavenly Father, let us learn patience and love through the circumstances in life that we cannot control. To wait with enthusiasm as you make things happen in the time that is right for us. Father, I appreciate and will never understand your patience with us for we sometimes can be impatient in waiting on things to happen as we know humanly they should. Help us learn to wait with anticipation and faith that things will be all right and true happiness is there. In Jesus' Name. Amen

Tonya Lyons-400Mother: Dr. Tonya Lyons

(Nominated by Rayvin Allen)

I would like to nominate my spiritual mother, Dr. Tonya Lyons as Mother of the Year!

Dr. Tonya Lyons is a Woman of God, kind-hearted, good-spirited, phenomenal, understanding, loving but most of all, a mother. She's the mother of two amazing kids, Kelli and Judah, whom she loves unwavering and unconditionally! She's a wonderful role model to her kids and the kids/young adults around her. She maintains her own children while at the same time she is actively involved with the youth who attend our church.

From ministering to mentoring, she's always there to embrace you with open arms and demonstrating true love and compassion for everyone she encounters. No matter how difficult or how delicate a person or a situation may be, her love is unyielding. She always encourages others to be best that they can be in spite of what naysayers have to say, and no matter what things may look like – keep pressing through and never give up because God will make a way.

Dr Tonya has a heart made of gold and is always willing to help in any way that she possibly can. She dedicates her life and time to those who feel outcast and left alone. She has embraced all of her spiritual children as if we're one of her own. Dr Tonya has touched many lives through her hard work, patience, amazing gift, dedication and sacrifices to the point where her love is undeniable. I'm consistently inspired by her wholehearted virtue and it's her strength and ambition that keeps me going!

She is one of life's most precious gifts!

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