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Big things and bigger dreams for 7-year-old Eddie Starks Jr.

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom

Eddie-Starkes-JRby Bria Brown
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

How many James-Brown singing, 7-year-old performers do you know? I know one! His name is Eddie Starks Jr. and he's living a life that most people can only dream about. I know what you're thinking; the kid is 7, how could he be living such a life?

When I tell you that Starks' resume is far beyond impressive, I'm not kidding one bit. You may have seen him a few weeks ago at the Ultimate Family Reunion, hosted by V103.5, where he opened up for headliner Curtis Blow. Or it could have been at the Hard Rock Café, the Delta Fair, Africa in April, or even BB King's.

Starting at age 4, Starks has the talent, charisma and stage drive that makes him more than a novelty act. Little Eddie Starks Jr. can burn down a stage! When I sat down with him and his parents last week, I asked how they feel when Eddie is performing, especially at his age.

"Proud but nervous at the same time," his mother, Jeanne Starks responds. "When he gets on stage, it's kind of nerve-wracking. He's never nervous, but we are. But very proud because he's so young, but he looks like a veteran on stage."

With his first single, "You Can Be," produced by Grammy-nominated Memphian Kurt "KC" Clayton out for listening pleasure, the Riverwood Elementary School student is ready and eager for a full-scale launch of his budding music career.

"Well, first of all, my parents, they inspire me," Eddie tells me before listing off a fist full of people, including Michael Jackson, Frankie Beverly, Justin Timberlake, James Brown and Justin Bieber, as some of his favorite artists. I chuckled when he mentioned James Brown and Frankie Beverly. Rarely do you hear children list Frankie Beverly among their favorite artists.

The explanation? Eddie said his dad played legendary, old school, artists around him often and that he learned their songs and learned to sing them.

"The kid has impeccable music taste," I thought to myself as he listed off some of the artists in his iPod. Usher and Justin Bieber make the list of those he would like to work with in the near future.

Speaking of the future, Starks' goals for his career are even more impressive than the work he has already done. Besides music, he plans to step into the world of acting and modeling. He's also learning to play the drums and the guitar.

(Signed to the Lisa Lax Agency, Starks can be contacted for booking through Lisa Lax or his parents. For more on Eddie Starks Jr. and his music, check out his youtube channel (EddieStarksJr) or visit www.eddiestarksjr.com, where you can find videos and a downloadable version of his single "You Can Be."


0 #3 Aaryana 2014-02-07 23:06
Hello Eddie starks Jr. my name is Aaryana I am nine years old I like to sing,Dance,and Read.I like your music and you're song you can be.I sing that song every time I get on my Kindle fire.I follow you on Twitter.text me back on Twitter.okay by
+1 #2 Keiona 2013-02-13 19:58
Eddie goes to my school
+1 #1 Keiona 2013-02-13 19:57
Eddue goes to my school

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