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‘The Reverend’s Wife’ does not disappoint

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom

book-authorby Nona Allen
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

If you attended the Sisterhood Showcase (June 1-3), I am sure you were introduced to a variety of talented writers from various genres. A literary veteran of the authors featured was Kimberla Lawson Roby. Roby is the author of over 15 books that are widely read and extremely popular in the African-American community.

Noted for her engaging writing style, Roby is probably most famous for the Reverend Curtis Black. Black is the main character in nine of her novels. Don't let the title fool you; Black may be a minister, but he is no angel. Roby reminds us of the humanness of the clergy through the character of Reverend Curtis Black.

"The Reverend's Wife" is the latest in the Curtis Black series and it does not disappoint the Kimberla Lawson Roby reader, old or new. In this novel, we find the focus on Charlotte, Black's third wife. We are introduced to Charlotte in "Casting the First Stone" and we learn all she is capable of – or so we think. This novel introduces us to more of the ups and downs of the Black family. Charlotte and Curtis have been married for a number of years and are seemingly on the path to marital stability. Soon enough those same demons that have haunted the pair rear their ugly heads again.

I won't reveal the ending of the story; I suggest you read the book. In fact, if you have never read about the infamous Reverend Curtis Black, I suggest you start with "Casting the First Stone" and read through the Reverend Curtis Black series. You will enjoy the read from the beginning to the end.

Roby has noted that she gets letters asking if the Reverend Curtis Black is based on a particular pastor. She said that in each city she gets the name of a pastor who embodies the persona of the fictional reverend.

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