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Flow, festival, football and baby daddies

The Fox network is hoping that you can’t wait to check out their new show, “In the Flow with Affion Crockett.”
 Myron Mays

‘In the Flow’ on Fox

Remember back in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s when you could not wait for Sunday nights so you could catch “In Living Color” on Fox? Well, the Fox network is hoping that you can’t wait to check out their new show, “In the Flow with Affion Crockett.”

 If you don’t recognize his name, chances are you have seen this guy somewhere. He is the only impersonator I have seen that has embodied the personality of Tiger Woods; not only does he sound like him, he can make himself look like him also. The guy is good.

Crockett also does great impersonations of Jay Z, Russell Simmons and Chris Rock as well. I think the show is gonna be great. It debuts on Aug. 14 at 8 p.m. Check it out.

 Tri-State Blues Festival

Are you a big fan of the blues? If you are, I know where you’re gonna be on August 13. You’’’ probably be at the Desoto Civic Center for the Tri State Blues Festival. You will be able to get all the blues you can handle.

This year’s lineup includes Millie Jackson, Willie Clayton, Sir Charles Jones, Shirley Brown, Latimore, O.B. Buchana and of course the blues heavyweight himself, Bobby Rush. There will also be a special tribute to blues man Marvin Sease, who passed away just a few months ago. Ticket prices range from $40 to $50.75 and are available at the Desoto Civic Center box office.

Ready for some football?

Not really in my case, but it looks like Plaxico Burress is. I’m not really much of a sports fan, but I am a big fan of comebacks. I’m sure Burress must be as well. He has just signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets.

As you may well know, Burress was released from prison after serving 20 months on a gun charge. In Nov., 2008, he carried a gun into a Manhattan nightclub and accidentally shot himself in the leg. He seems to be on the road to redemption and has tapped Tony Dungy to mentor him. Dungy has also been a mentor to Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Michael Vick, who is making the most of his second chance.

Baby news

Here’s the big question…”Who is Lauryn Hill’s baby’s daddy?”

Lauryn recently gave birth to her sixth child and the big news surrounding the birth is that the father of her first five kids, Rohan Marley, is not the father of this one. It is also rumored that they are no longer married. There is no word on who the father actually is. This is quite a train wreck if you ask me.

Oh, yeah, Fantasia is pregnant. I know I talk about Fantasia a lot in my column. I can’t help it. She is always in the news. Unfortunately, she is usually in the news for making bad decisions instead of making good music.

Fantasia is not just an artist. She is actually more normal than a lot of us wanna accept. She is sort of like your cousin. She is human and she makes no apologies for it. She accepts it and I guess we should accept it also. I just hope that she makes better decisions going forward.

What’s Happening Radio!

Remember the BIG news I have been talking about? Well, here it is. What’s Happening Radio has returned!

There have been a few changes in the format. What’s Happening Radio is now a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Internet radio station that plays the R&B hits from the ’80’s and ’90’s. If you were in middle or high school anytime in the 1990’s, you are gonna love this station.

Wanna check it out, here’s what you do. Visit the website at www.whatshappeningmyron.com, click on the What’s Happening Radio banner and enjoy!

NOTE: The Soul Food Festival kicks off next week at Shelby Farms and funkateer George Clinton will be in the city, along with SWV and Dru Hill. I’m gonna brave the heat and attend. I’ll have details. Until then, that’s what’s happening.

(Check me out on Facebook, Twitter or visit www.whatshappeningmyron.com. Got an event you’d like me to talk about...or attend? Get at me! I’m at myron@whatshappening myron.com!)

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