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Powwah for the people

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom

Powwah Uhuru is aiming his life and artistic love towards a direction that connects African culture to American communities.  by Jason D. Burt
Special to the Tri-State Defender

Powwah Uhuru is aiming his life and artistic love towards a direction that connects African culture to American communities.

Powwah Sefu O. Uhuru designs his music to be an informative balance of complexity and simplicity. (Courtesy photo)
Powwah Sefu O. Uhuru was a child of the seventies. He grew up still witnessing a lot of struggles, so he embodied that in his music. He is also a barber, tattoo artist, poet, and interior designer.

While he’s influenced by Krs1, Nas, and Goodie Mob, Powwah always tries to create his own flavor.  His music is designed to be an informative balance of complexity and simplicity.

“There’s a message in the music,” he says.

Powwah’ latest album “In the Wind” came out last November. It features JDav, Taylee and Hurrikane as producers.

 “(Straight) Hip Hop from all over the world,” Powwah says.

For Powwah, one of his favorite projects was the shooting of the music video “Eseti Seti” released from international hip-hop group Holla Blak. The group’s members include Powwah, his wife Phu’Cha (Pronounced Fu-cha) and Cease Fire (a Ghanaian recording artist). The music video was shot in Ghana, produced by REDD Kat Pictures and directed by Mantse Aryeequaye in Ghana. REDD Kat Pictures has solid rep as a film company and Mantse Aryeequaye has won a Ghana Music Video Award.

Powwah is preparing a return to Ghana in May to work on Rita Marley’s Africa Unite Concert 2011 – the “Bob Marley Birthday Celebration” event held annually in different countries throughout Africa.

 Born in LA and raised in Memphis, Powwah says he definitely wants to represent for Memphis while performing in Africa. Powwah traced his paternal lineage back to Africa, discovering Ghanaian roots. He and his wife travel to Ghana regularly. Everyone, he says, should know their ancestors’ culture.

Powwah and his wife, Phu’Cha, are also the founders of Nappi by Nature, one of the most popular natural hair salons in Memphis and the headquarters to Nappi by Nature community activities.

 “Everything we do we channel back into our community projects. Music is his contribution to the community so anything made off of music is reinvested back into the community,” says Phu’Cha.

 “We do a lot of community work; people really don’t know a lot about their own culture. We give out DVDs and nice documentaries that introduce people to a lot of new theories and old-new (Neoclassic) ways of thinking,” said Powwah.

The Nappi by Nature family – founders of the “That’s My Piece for Peace in Martin Luther King Park” in 2005 and the South Memphis “Stop the Violence Block Party) in 2006 – has been feeding the people every other Sunday and all major holidays at the corner of Poplar & High Street. Other Nappi by Nature community programs include Clothes for the Needy, Coats for Children, BoomBox for Teens Mentoring Program, Prison Volunteer Events, and the Prison Prevention Program.

If you want to contribute to the community service activities of Nappi by Nature, contact information and a full list of community services events are posted at nappibynature.com. You can bring all clothes, shoes, coats or hygiene products to: Nappi by Nature (1298 Southland Mall), or they’ll come and pick it up.

Monetary donations are accepted, too. The Feed the People (FTP) Program is not affiliated with any religious, single or multiple political groups, organizations, churches, or other associations.

(You can get music from Powwah at cdbaby.com, itunes.com, nappibynature.com, or you can pick up a hard copy at Nappi by Nature, 1298 Southland Mall.)

(Jason D. Burt is a special correspondent with “‘N’Style TV Show” (Tuesdays at 6 p.m.) and “City Beats TV Show)” (Wednesdays at midnight) – both on Comcast Cable Channel 17.)

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