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‘Think Like a Man Too’

  • Written by Ashley Grandberry-Special to The New Tri-State Defender
TLAM 600As a moviegoer, I give this “Think Like A Man” sequel two very enthusiastic and ecstatic thumbs up.
“Think Like A Man Too” refutes the sequel curse because it is – as Kevin Hart promised – much better than the original film. It is filled with the same stars from the first adaptation, along with an equal role for newcomer, Wendi McClendon-Covey, who plays Tish, the wife of Bennett, portrayed by comedian Gary Owen.
The setting is the ever-exciting and mayhem-filled Las Vegas, where both the women and men journey to participate in the nuptials of Michael (Terrance J) and Candice (Regina Hall). Early on, the scenery promises what the film delivers – that this will be eventful from start to finish.
Las Vegas is filled with activity and so is “Think Like a Man Too.” Just when your attention gets a bit settled, another blast of action, laughter or shock arises. No matter if you’re crippled in laughter by Cedric’s (Kevin Hart) dancing in his underwear or stunned by his cell phone identification of his wife as “Galzilla,” the laughter never stops.
As the laughter continues, so does the action by both the women and men in their quest to give the bride and groom a night they’ll never forget. There are segments that will make you think and others that will give you a sense of awe. By the end of the film it’s likely that you will have decided that this will be a movie that you’ll never forget.
Steve Harvey created a literature staple in the relationship aisles of Barnes and Nobles with “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love.” And this cinematic adaptation is colossal, with numerous celebrity cameos.
Do yourself one favor this summer by making plans to see this movie. It’s that good!

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