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Disney show rocks on ice

  • Written by Warren Roseborough

Crowd-Shot-600With snippets from the films "The Little Mermaid," "Tangled" featuring Rapunzel, "Brave" and "Beauty and the Beast," Disney sets out to combine the heart of some it's best films with elegance and athletic figure skating in "Rockin' Ever After."

The venue this past weekend for the Disney on Ice production was the FedExForum.

As always, the show opens up with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy warming up the crowd. It then moves on to "The Little Mermaid" leading the other mermaids into a medley of 80's rock songs.

Next up is "Tangled," which features Rapunzel and all of her magic hair, her daring rescue and escape from her evil grandmother and the discovery that she is the lost princess.

Mickey-Mouse-600In "Brave," a princess with stunning archery skills bests the men who try to win her hand in marriage. Anchoring the performance was "Beauty and the Beast," featuring the Academy Award winning title song.


Throughout the show, the costumes were spectacular, with kudos to Violet Jackson, head of wardrobe for this Disney on Ice production.

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