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ProfessU.com spotlights hip hop and pop culture positives

  • Written by BlackNews.com

professu creators-400ProfessU.com is where hip hop and pop culture meet education. The web site was created by educators Dr. John P. Hamilton and Dr. John Spruill III, and their goal is to capture the positive essences of hip hop and pop culture in trending news, and create original content in the same vein.

ProfessU "flips the script" to give the world a glimpse of conversations with high profile individuals, allowing those interviewed to discuss their lives, dreams, and perspectives on the industry or world events.

ProfessU wants visitors to experience these individuals' "humble beginnings," and become a witness to how many have tapped into the academy as an option for opportunity, or used their newfound wealth to assist others.

Need some imagery?

Imagine watching Dom Kennedy, Alicia Keys, or Common discuss how education played a role in their life.

Envision Grammy-nominated rapper No Malice of The Clipse discussing his major life transition and giving back to the community, while also being able to hear NFL quarterback Cam Newton explain his return to college to complete his degree.

Visualize a chat with David Banner or Jennifer Hudson about the relevancy of their lyrics.

Or how about this: Dee-1, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, or Will Smith talking about having a Plan B.

Hamilton and Spruill start with a basic building block –that everything we see and hear regarding the entertainment and sports industries cannot all be rooted in negativity. ProfessU takes on the responsibility of sifting through the negative with a strong desire to provide a venue for the stories that are never told, seen or heard.

ProfessU also is focused on carving out a platform for dialogue that "does not exist on the plethora of gossip-based sites."

Billed as a fully interactive website, ProfessU has multimedia, social network-based foundation designed to allow visitors to leave comments and provide discussion on the trending news and original content available.

(For more details, visit www.professu.com)

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