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To roll or not to roll

It used to be common for employers to encourage (or require) departing employees to withdraw their money from the company's retirement plan. Like most employee benefits, an employer-sponsored retireme


Avoid the drama, get a will

The best way for a family to experience drama and foolishness is for a family member with any kind of assets to pass away without a will.

Some of the worst behavior is frequently exhibited during the time of a family member's death. One would never want to see such behavior, but unfortunately true colors come out during this time period.  So plan accordingly.


African-American consumers rate African-American media more ‘relevant’

WASHINGTON– Companies that fail to advertise with black media are missing an opportunity to effectively reach nearly 43 million African Americans whose $967 billion annual buying power is projected to exceed $1 trillion in three years, according to the new study released by Nielsen and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA).


  • Written by George Curry

Power of attorney: a hedge against the ‘what ifs’

Though none of us like to think of the "what ifs" from a negative perspective, it serves us all well to be prepared in case of the worst happening.

A "power of attorney" (POA) is a legal document that gives another person the authority to act as your legal representative or agent either immediately or at some date in the future.


Surprise! It’s retirement time

In a 2012 survey, 50 percent of current retirees said they retired earlier than they had planned, up from 45 percent in 2011.

Many retirees reported reasons that were beyond their control, such as health problems or disability, company downsizing or closure, changes in the skills required for their jobs, or having to care for a spouse or family member.


4 ways to avoid paying for hotel Wi-Fi

While finalizing your travel arrangements, whether for business or pleasure, you want to make sure Wi-Fi is available at your hotel. Some hotels are able to offer Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel property, while others charge for connection in the room only. Why is that? Because many hotels make deals with media vendors to provide per-pay television programming inside your hotel room.


  • Written by Jacqueline Lawson