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Luncheon set for annual Robert R. Church Achievement Awards

The Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum will host the 26th Robert R. Church Achievement Awards Luncheon on Nov. 18. The Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum (The MMBC Continuum) will host the 26th Robert R. Church Achievement Awards Luncheon at the Holiday Inn – University of Memphis (3700 Central Avenue) from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 18.

The luncheon guest speaker will be Dr. Glen Fenter, president of Mid-South Community College. Dr. Fenter will discuss the importance of building a diverse workforce to meet the needs of corporations for tomorrow.

A brief networking reception will precede the luncheon at 11:30 a.m.

Each year The MMBC Continuum recognizes progress made in impacting minority economic development. The achievement awards for this year include Minority Business of the Year, Advocate of the Year and Corporation of the Year.

The Minority Business of the Year is presented to a certified minority or woman-owned business that is nominated by a MMBC Continuum corporate member. The nominees have demonstrated scale, capacity and growth in sales and employees while consistently providing quality products or services at a competitive price.

The Corporation of the Year award is presented to a MMBC Continuum corporate member that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to minority economic business development in Memphis and the surrounding mid-south area over the past year.

The nominees for the 2011 Robert R. Church, Sr. Achievement Awards are:

Corporation of the Year: FedEx Express; Memphis Light, Gas and Water; and Skanska.

Minority Business of the Year: Action Chemical, Inc.  – Sherry Crowe & Charles Barnes; Amnesty Professional Services (APS) – Lorenzo Myrick; HK MEM, LLC dba Lenny’s Sub Shop – Edith Kelly Green; Millennium Search, LLC – Jason Gillum; Pete Mitchell & Associates, Inc. – George Hilliard; Pyramid Electric, Inc. – Anita Haines; Synergy Technologies Group, Inc. – Anthony Milton; Toles & Associates, Inc. – James Toles; True Test Collections Of Memphis – Lonell Morris.


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