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Cash for Cars

cashforcars 600What do you do with a car or van that is old, paid for and does not work? One option is to call the self-proclaimed No. 1 junkman in the South, Patrick Boone. A fireman, Boone has carved out his own slice of the cash-for-cars niche. In this economy the business model could not have been more timely and he has it down to a science. Ready to jump into action with the receipt of a phone call, Boone has groomed a talented team that is responsive and eager to trade cash for vehicles.

Carlee McCullough: Tell us about yourself.

Patrick Boone: My name is Patrick Boone. I'm a fireman in Memphis. In this capacity I save lives and protect property. I am also a business owner. I'm the No. 1 junkman in the South. My slogan is "Sell me junk and I'll get you crunk!"

CM: Tell us about the cash for cars business.

PB: I love to pay cash for junk cars. I buy that old car, truck or van that is in your yard. When I arrive, I buy the junk and put dollars in your pocket. Plus, I am cleaning up those eyesores in our neighborhoods.

CarleeMcCullough-160CM: What were the primary factors you considered before starting your company?

PB: There were many factors that I considered but the main one was how could I start a business that makes money, helps people and clean up our community at the same time.

CM: Tell us about the services you offer?

PB: I will buy old junk vehicles. I will tow the vehicle away for free leaving the client with a nice profit in their pocket for a non-revenue generating asset.

CM: As a business owner what has been your greatest challenge?

PB: Logistics has been my greatest challenge. Getting to and from cars in a timely manner has been a constant priority for our company. With good people on our team and being the No. 1 junkman in the South, we make it happen day in and day out.

CM: What is the greatest reward in running your own business?

PB: Knowing that I created something that is making a difference in people's lives is my greatest reward. The money that I give people for their junk helps them pay bills and/or buy groceries. It makes me feel good to know that I made a difference.

CM: In your opinion what does it take to run a business?

PB: To run a business successfully it takes hard work and dedication. The drive to never stop is required.

CM: What advice would you give to someone just starting a business?

PB: Make sure to do your homework in order to determine what you want to do. Be the best at whatever you choose to do. Have confidence that you can make it happen and dream big. That's how magic happens.

CM: Taking the economy into consideration, is now the best time to become an entrepreneur?

PB: Now is a good time because you cannot wait on your dreams. Make it happen now.

CM: What does the future look like for small business owners in our community?

PB: The future is bright for those that are prepared to go and get it.

CM: What types of marketing do you employ?

PB: The best marketing for my business is door to door and the Internet. Social media has made a major impact on my business. I also commission T-shirts in an effort to brand my company.

CM: What books or resources would you recommend for individuals starting out in business?

PB: I read Black Enterprise Magazine. Every month there are educational articles about money and business. Additionally, I am inspired by the businesses that are profiled. The magazine focuses on companies and the people that run them. Reading about successful businesses and people sparks your mind and helps you think outside of the box.

CM: Any closing remarks?

PB: I am the No. 1 junkman in the South! Sell me junk and I'll get you crunk!

(Contact Patrick Boone at 901-297-0751.)

(Contact Carlee McCullough, Esq., at 5308 Cottonwood Road, Suite 1A, Memphis, Tn. 38118, or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)


0 #1 Vonda Linfsey 2014-08-15 22:02
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