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Building on New Year’s resolutions

CarleeMcCullough-160No matter what happened in the previous year, most of us step into the New Year with optimism that it will be bigger, better and more prosperous than the last one. And whether you adopted a resolution on January 1 or not, it is never too late to do something positive.

In the quest to adopt a resolution, reflection on the previous year is advised. Evaluate what was positive about the year and what was negative. Think about what you had too much of and what you had too little of last year.

If the resolution is about self-improvement, analyze what could be done to improve you. If it is community oriented, find what you can do for others.

With the focus on improvement, let's review a few of the most common resolutions.


Many choose to put forth the effort to lose weight by eating healthier, drinking less liquor and exercising more. Some may also choose to eliminate tobacco from the daily routine.


Some decide to put forth an effort toward having a better attitude or thinking positively. Traveling and enjoying life more are also high on the list of things to do to improve mental well being.


Making the commitment to improve financial affairs is always encouraged. Debt is rarely a positive thing and developing a plan to get rid of it is a great thing. Saving and investing money are moves in the right direction to improve anyone's financial position.


A part of self-improvement also includes the desire for professional advancement through increased education pursuits. So beginning or completing a degree program is a step in the right direction. Simply taking a class, reading more, learning a foreign language or music all contribute to furthering educational pursuits.


Career advancement is usually a positive thing. Applying for a better job, starting a business, or committing to better performance in the current job all contribute to career improvement and advancement.


Many of the steps toward improvement are focused on self. However, making the commitment to improve the community by volunteering to help others in some way is a noble thing. Contributions to charity go a long way. Volunteer to feed the hungry and needy. Giving of your time to help others is rewarding in so many ways.


Often we are caught up in the day-to-day of life that we forget to enjoy the simple moments with family. Spending more time with family, enjoying each other will improve those relationships. Is there someone special in your life? Are you afraid to make the commitment of engagement or marriage or having children? Evaluate what is important and what life would be like without that significant other.


Most spiritual people strive to be closer to God or a higher power. The belief is that through prayer and an overall desire to be more committed in a spiritual walk, improvement can result.

Research has shown that the more people you have helping you stick to your resolutions the higher your chances are of success. Regardless of your 2014 resolution, commit to it wholeheartedly.

Remember, this column is about being On Our Way to Wealthy and we wish you much success, prosperity and happiness in the New Year.

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