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Myron Mays goes App

MyronApp-400Radio personality and "What's Happening Myron" entertainment columnist Myron Mays is now an App. Well, more precisely, Mays has just released the WHM Mobile App.

"It's a pretty good tool if you want to be connected to what's happening in Memphis," said Mays.

"I just added a Black Business directory to it and starting this Friday (Aug. 16), I will also have a small business resource feature as well. You can of course keep up with the Book Club happenings, listen to all of my radio shows and access all of the latest concerts and events."

The WHM Mobile APP was created with the recognition that the radio industry landscape has and is changing, Mays said.

"For the most part, it's not enough to be a radio personality anymore. There used to be a time where you could make a really good living doing radio. Those days are gone because the opportunities are few due to automation and syndication. The local guys are being phased out slowly," said Mays.

"I decided to take control of my brand and create a multimedia platform where I can encompass all aspects of media, not just radio. That way, if radio goes away, I don't.

The new app is crafted to help Mays' followers stay informed 24-7 about business, entertainment and a wide range of other information.

"I just partnered with the Southern Heritage Classic to create a SHC feature that lists all of the events surrounding the game. It's on Android and I-Phone and it's free. This will be a very useful tool that people will not only download but will use as well," he said.

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